The Fumblin' Fingers

The Fumblin' Fingers have their roots in a community choir (Atlantic Voices - The Newfoundland and Labrador Choir) which formed in Ottawa (Canada) in the summer of 2002. The choir had need of musical guests for their concerts, and Hannie Fitzgerald, an alto, started learning to play the accordion in 2004. She then recruited other musicians from the choir to entertain the choir for the annual picnic. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to form a "house band" for the choir, and had our first performance in the Winter concert of 2005. At that time there were only five of us with a limited repertoire, but lots of gusto! Three are still with the band; Hannie, Tom, and Wayne, and two others who have sinced moved on; Marcia Phillips, and Andy Baird.

Today, the band has six members, and we have upgraded our instruments to include guitars, fiddles, mandolin, bass, ektar (see Ektara on wikipedia) accordions, bodhran, ugly stick (wikipedia has an entry, but no pictures, so see Celeste) and various percussion instruments. We have boosted our repertoire to several binders-full, and have produced three CDs!

Band Members:
Hannie FitzGerald
Tom Murray
Lynn Petros
Dave Huddlestone
Wayne Mercer
Celeste Bradbury-Marshall
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